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Panther City BBQ is a small business with big flavor that has risen the Texas BBQ ranks to hold a Guinness World Record.

The barbecue scene in the US is taken seriously by hordes of cookers and consumers alike, and some of the best restaurants for it are found all across the country. From coast to coast, ambitious smoked meat fanatics ceremoniously light up their wood-fired smoke pits in the eternal journey to hone their craft before marching to battle at barbecue competitions.

Some of these are at a local, amateur level, while others like the annual World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest in Memphis, Tennessee, draw crowds from all over. Not far away from Memphis’ battleground lies the state of Texas. It is certainly one of the barbecue-oriented states most raved about, thus resulting in the neverending quest for authentic Texas barbecue.

In Fort Worth, Panther City BBQ’s Mexican-influenced fare is top-tier and its team of barbecue zealots currently hold a Guinness World Record.

Panther City BBQ Is A Fort Worth Favorite. This wildly popular eatery shows off the barbecue Texas is renowned for with a touch of Mexican flair.

On a relatively quiet street corner in the Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth, a line of patrons from all walks of life can regularly be seen lined up outside a humble, rather rustic facade where a soft, seductive aroma creeping through the air gives hints of the smoky heaven that awaits inside.

Panther City BBQ runs a tight ship that is open for limited hours (assuming everything does not sell out before the final hour), and the fervorous crowds file in for good reason.

  • Location: 201 E Hattie St, Fort Worth, TX 76104
  • Open hours: Mon. – Tues.: Closed, Wed: 11 am – 4 pm, Thur. – Sat.: 11 am – 8 pm, Sun.: 11 am – 4 pm
  • Menu highlights: Brisket Elote Cup, Pork Belly Jalapeño Poppers, Spicy Smoked Mac-n-cheese

The once-tiny barbecue venture was started by two friends who have a passion for cooking, and it has now become one of the most beloved purveyors of Texas barbecue.

The melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork is cooked to perfection, the Brisket Elote (a take on the classic Mexican corn dish elevated with delicious brisket) is a local hit, and even the side dishes like dill potato salad or the Borracho Beans make for an outstanding meal on their own.

Panther City BBQ’s Humble Beginnings In A Food Truck. This now-famous barbecue joint started with two friends, a hobby, and a food truck.

Around a decade ago, Chris Magallanes and Ernest Morales were simply friends who shared a devotion to barbecue that earned word-of-mouth notoriety around town as their momentum in competition cooking and catering began to build.

In 2014, around the time that an ongoing countrywide frenzy of unique food trucks began, an opportunity to operate one revealed itself. Panther City BBQ was on the road to success.

  • Year opened: 2014
  • Evolution of the dream: A slow burn of success took Chris Magallanes and Ernest Morales through competition cooking and catering to a hopeful food truck before upgrading to a full-size establishment with a covered patio and on-site smokers.

Now, Panther City BBQ is equipped with a spacious brick-and-mortar location with both indoor and outdoor seating featuring a covered patio that hardly contains the inflow of customers.

A behemoth, dual-sided smoker setup found on-site is fed a constant stream of meats to be delicately prepared over 100% Post Oak wood before they are soon swallowed up by eager patrons.

Panther City BBQ Broke A Guinness World Record. The restaurant’s team of three came out on top after nearly 41 hours of non-stop cooking.

As the years went by, Panther City BBQ continued to rise in popularity and was consistently named in all the local lists for top barbecue spots in Fort Worth, which boasts several unique attractions.

In 2022, Texas Monthly and Travel Texas proposed an ambitious event to further establish this state that is perfect for food-fueled road trips as a globally recognized barbecue mecca.

  • Panther City BBQ’s record: non-stop grilling for 40 hours, 49 minutes, and 17 seconds
  • Previous record: In 2017, an Italian team set the record at 40 hours and 53 seconds

At this event on July 15, 2022, Panther City BBQ broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Team Barbecue Marathon after sweating it out for nearly 41 hours. The team successfully broke the previous record by nearly 49 minutes, officially securing Panther City BBQ’s well-earned place in barbecue history.

Fort Worth’s record-breaking Panther City BBQ is a rising star in the Texas barbecue scene, and its unbeatable dishes have not lost a single bit of flavor on their way to the top.

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