What barbecue joints are doing across the state, from to-go orders to shipping smoked meats.

Cities across Texas are shutting down restaurant dining rooms as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies: AustinDallasFort WorthHouston, and Waco have all done so this week; San Antonio has restricted gatherings of fifty people or more, but hasn’t closed dining rooms. The profit margins in running a restaurant are low as it is, so when the pandemic swept in, some barbecue joint owners decided on their own to bite the bullet and close for a time. Many joints with dining rooms are switching to a takeout and delivery business model, and some have put a greater emphasis on shipping their smoked meats across the country.

We’ve compiled a list of those barbecue joints, organized by city, that are making it easy to enjoy your dinner at home while still supporting the barbecue community—please note that this list doesn’t include barbecue food trucks whose service model already meets the new requirements. We’re also keeping you informed of any barbecue joint closures—hopefully none of them permanent—as well as event cancellations and postponements, and which places are shipping their meats. We’ll continue to update our list, so please comment below if you know a joint that should be added.

Fort Worth

Panther City BBQ is offering curbside delivery for to-go orders and free delivery within a five-mile radius with orders over $100. Their sister restaurant, La Pantera Tacos, is operating during the day alongside Panther City BBQ.

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