Welcome to the new era of foodgasm with the Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas 2021.

Before when you say barbecue in Texas, one of two things will happen: either people would be so hungry just by the mention of it – well, if you know Texas BBQ, you know it’s THAT mouth-watering – or people would already go on a heated debate on how to best prepare the meat. Because just like in any dish, people can be very particular about the traditional way of cooking things.

Now, people are still salivating over it, but many have become more open to the fact that this foodgasm, or rather meatgasm, is taking on different directions with so many surprises as well as variety. As Texas Monthly said, it’s a brave new era for Texas barbecue with ‘bacon burnt ends, beef cheeks, birria, blueberry-and-Gouda sausage, brisket-topped elote, and guava-glazed pork ribs.’ But the innovations on the staple meal do not mean that the traditional is going out of style, or worse, getting erased. The only thing that rookies in the Texas BBQ business are doing is paying tribute to the heritage and reinvigorating it with new flavors and styles.

In fact, besting all the classic BBQ joints in Texas is a newcomer. While they may not have stacked years of experience in the business, they did work with some of the best BBQ in Texas. And now they’re taking that into their plates of mouth-watering goodness.

Let’s get to know more about them and the rest of the top and sizzling BBQ joints in Texas. (This list is taken from Texas Monthly’s Top 50, which came out this month, their sixth since 1997, reviewed by barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn.)

10. Panther City BBQ (Fort Worth, Texas)

Last 2014, a couple of friends – Chris Magallanes and Ernest Morales – quit their jobs after winning an amateur barbecue competition, and we’re definitely glad they did. This BBQ restaurant started as a food truck just outside Republic Street Bar located in Fort Worth’s Near Southside neighborhood and has now grown as a full-blown BBQ landmark in the area.

Panther City BBQ offers generous options of spare ribs, turkey, house-made sausage burst, pork belly burnt ends cooked on-site in their smoker over 100% Post-Oak wood. These massive, tender servings are flavored with their signature sauces that will not only melt in your mouth but will also give you a good kick in the tongue as well. But dining here is not complete without trying their showstopping brisket elote, so make sure you try that out. Oh, and while you’re at it, take a taste of their puddings and a drink of their delicious beers.

You can check them out at 201 E. Hattie, Fort Worth, from Wednesday until Sunday, starting at 11 am.

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