Panther City BBQ Takes The 10th Spot

Panther City Pitmasters Earnest Morales and Chris Magallanes took over where Heim BBQ left off, literally, setting up their trailer next door to Republic Bar at 201 E. Hattie Street in 2018, before gaining a fast following and building a covered outdoor seating area attached to their caged smokehouse.

If those three trusty smokers weren’t already filled to capacity, they sure will be now that the word is out statewide.

Panther City BBQ’s brisket is simply perfection and its brisket topped elote has become legendary ― a house blend of creamed corn, topped with queso fresco, cilantro, hot sauce, topped with prime brisket and garnished with a jalapeño and lime. Panther City has expanded to include grilled brisket stuffed Flaco Tacos — and to teaching its techniques to weekend warriors in regular barbecue classes as well.