Panther City Barbecue

201 E. Hattie St., Fort Worth

The first time we visited Panther City, we were struck by how much good food you get for comparatively not a lot of money. In the three years since, Panther City has added a bigger trailer, an enclosed patio and runs a barbecue school to boot. Yet with all that expansion, Panther City’s stellar barbecue is still a bargain, and going for breakfast only highlights the value proposition. Take a look at the Panther Platter in the photo above. You get two over-easy eggs, a pile of breakfast potatoes, half a link of sausage, spicy beans, tortillas and a formidable slab of brisket. It’s on the menu board for $10. We were only charged $9, and we’d still be a buyer if it were $13 or $14. What a time to be alive.

When to go: Wednesday through Saturday, 7-10 a.m.

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